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Team Name: Team Lovers' Brigade Rank: Farfetch'd

Member 1 Signature: Izamu the Teddiursa Male

Trait & Personality: Quirky/Loves to eat

Move 1: Retaliate
Move 2: Brick Break
Move 3: Protect
Move 4: Aerial Ace

Accessories: Lime Green Bandana

Member 2 Signature: Shima the Skitty Female

Trait & Personality: Lonely/Somewhat of a Clown

Move 1: Retaliate
Move 2: Hyper Voice
Move 3: Wake-Up Slap
Move 4: Fake Tears

Accessories: Black Bow


Chilling raindrops fell heavy out the cloud covered night sky, nearly freezing the remaining plant life in Tao. The wind howled in between the large buildings that dotted every inch of land in the Village, its updraft was so tremendous; it could knock a Lugia out the air. Everyone was in their homes, safe from the storm's wicked rampage except for the teams who wanted to join Tao's workforce; was it coincidence that the weather was horrid during every teams' registration? There are three guild factions that Tao had to offer: Rogues with their Leader; Devonshire, a Sableye who was close to death than a skeleton. Then, the Rescuers and their Leader; Mike, a hot-headed Charmander who had a problem with his male pattern baldness. Finally, PK the Purple Kecleon; the sassy, quick tempered Leader of the Merchants and the owner of the Tao plus all its businesses. But tonight, the Leaders' beds are left untouched as they and others were snatched from their family and friends. Even Shima was taken.

Izamu, a Teddiursa wearing a lime green bandanna on his head which was getting soaked from the downpour, couldn't stand the loneliness and didn't even use his Protect attack to shield himself from the rain. He didn't care; the most important person in his life was taken from him. Her name is Shima; the cutest Skitty Izamu had ever laid his eyes on and quite a writer, also. Her dream is to become a great author but it all came to a halt when she disappeared. The only things he had left to remember her was the black bow she wore on her neck and the notebook she wrote her stories in, both encased in a waterproof bag made from a Buizel's floatation sac.

"I hope you're not planning on staying out there all night but if you do, I sure you that when you become very ill, I will start a novel about the foolish bear who sat out in the rain." The impish laughter of an older male nearby startled the Teddiursa, Izamu almost forgotten he was sitting in front of for the past half hour. A Ninetales; a grey one in fact, with menacing blood red eyes; stood in the doorway of his home, watching and waiting eagerly for Izamu's response. He knew who the Ninetales was from many teams complaining about how the older 'Mon would keep them for hours while filling out useless paperwork and listen to his nonsense. His name is Callahan or Calla for short, and as his job as Tao Village's Guild Registrar was to file paperwork for new teams, he does his job quite well.

"There's no time to waste, my boy! Oh, please allow me to take your belongings." Callahan said as he forced Izamu inside his home, swiping the Teddiursa's bandanna off his head and hanging it carefully over the roaring, cobblestone fireplace to dry. "We have plenty of documents that need to fill out. Now let's get right down to it, shall we? My fastest time for entering a team in the official guild registrar is a touch under a few hours; let's see if we can break the record!"

"Great." Izamu muttered sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. This was up Shima's alley of work; she loved all types of writing and such. He was more of an artist than a writer.

The two sat together in front of an old oak desk which seem weathered from years of repeated use, several completed team forms littered the desk. Izamu could recognize famous Merchant team names like the Kec Squad and Team Pecha on the top of those forms. In one swift movement, Callahan removed the used paperwork and replaced with empty forms. From a drawer, the older Mon took out a pot of coal black ink and opened it with care. The light scent of the Octillery ink wafted through the air while Calla dipped one of his already stained tail tips in the ink and let the excess drip back inside the pot.

"Alright now names, please?" The Ninetails readied his tail of choice for filling out Izamu's forms, hoping he had enough ink for tonight. He had forgotten to get some from Miss PK, maybe Mr. Shroomworth wouldn't mind if he borrowed some ink. Everything was getting so busy since Sorbet attacked the village.

"My name is Izamu and my partner's name is Shima," Izamu answered, blinking slowly as he said Shima's name, trying to hold onto his feelings and keep a clear head.

"Hmm?" Callahan said, raising an eyebrow in confusion. He paused after he wrote down Izamu's name on the paper. "I believe my ancient eyes don't deceive me yet! But I only see one person in front of me, not two!" He paused again, his thoughts piecing together like a puzzle. "Or your partner was taken like many others around here, correct?"

Izamu nodded, he didn't know that other Pokémon were missing also. The problem seemed much bigger now, his worry for Shima was nothing compared to how others were feeling now. Depression grew heavier on Izamu's shoulders knowing the reason why Shima disappeared now.

"Er…moving on!" Callahan quickly changed the subject of the matter when he noticed the Teddiursa getting discouraged and hurried to the next part of the team submission. "What alias do you wish to give you lot of fellows and please make it worth my while!"

Izamu didn't have to think twice about the team name, he and Shima had decided a name in advance. "Team Lovers' Brigade." He replied with a small smile on his face.

Callahan penned the team name on the paper, smirking. "Interesting decision, lad," Twisting the lid back onto the ink pot so the small amount of ink left wouldn't dry out, Calla had gotten himself comfortable. "You seem quite close to your partner; please tell about yourself and your associate. I hope your tale isn't a gaggle of sorrow and woe because this village has enough of that!"

"Don't worry, Mister Callahan." Izamu said with certainty. "I won't waste your time with this."

Izamu started his story off slow with how he met Shima. He lived in the deep parts of Tao Woods most of his life with a clan filled with females, away from outside influence so his drawings seemed to be the only escape from the hardships that of clan life. The clan; being carnivorous; hunted for survival and one night, his sisters brought a live Skitty for dinner. The Skitty begged for her life and Izamu couldn't let his family eat a poor cat, so the two fled the clan and have been on the road ever since. Their love for Art and each other appeared as if that of destiny which created Lovers' Brigade, in hopes to become the greatest writer and artist duo.

"What an enchanting tale!" Callahan said happily, applauding the Teddiursa. "I can see why you'd probably like to join the Merchants and if that said," He paused in the middle of his statement to stretch his body out and fetch another paper of Izamu. "My task of you is to travel to Castle Draclugia, enter the library, and find the books I ordered." Stuffing the note into Izamu's bag and shoving his bandana over his eyes, Callahan hastily rammed the boy out his office and back into the heavy downpour.

Snickering, Callahan shouted to Izamu over the sound of the rain hitting the ground. "It seems I have all I need in order to register you here in our peaceful Tao Village! If during your travels you decide to recruit, please have them visit me and fill out the necessary info at the top. And don't forget my books!"

The door slammed loudly behind him and Izamu was indeed alone again in the freezing rain but this time, a shining blue shield-like barrier formed over his head to keep him dry. Now the future seemed a bit brighter, he and Shima were even closer to their dreams.
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